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How do you know when it is time to change accountants?

Busy lives call for simplicity and convenience. And when it comes to finding the right accountant, nothing makes your life easier than Accountants-Dublin.ie. If you are based in Dublin and feel that your current accountant is not giving you a good service, reasonable fees or simply just does not understand your business, then you have landed in the right place.

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Switching Accountants Is Easy.

If your answer is “NO” or “I Don’t Know” to even one of these questions below then it might be time to switch your accountant.

  1. Does your accountant help you reduce your tax bills?
  2. Does your accountant understand or have good knowledge of your industry?
  3. Does your accountant give you good value for money?
  4. Does your accountant charge you for telephone calls or meetings?
  5. Is your accountant proactive and easy to talk to?
  6. Is your accountant based locally to you?
  7. Do you see your accountant more than twice a year?

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